YES Calendar 2015 Premiere

The premiere of the 2015 YES Calendar took place on 26 November 2014 in the winter garden of the Zamoyski Palace in Warsaw. This year the photographs were taken by a duo of Polish photographers, Magda Wunsche and Agnieszka Samsel. The photographs presented two world-renowned Polish models, Maria Loks and Maja Salamon.

The sixth edition of the YES Calendar was a turning point on many different levels. For the first time the photo session took place outdoors. For the first time it was executed by four women. The two talented photographers, Magda Wunsche and Agnieszka Samsel, took us on a mystical journey inside a woman’s soul. For the first time we also saw two models. Maria Loks and Maja Salamon are a unique duo of models and friends who completed the vision of the 2015 YES calendar’s authors in a perfect way.

"Spirituality, mysticism and nature – these three simple words have a huge power. They inspire us. Thanks to these words we knew how to capture an ideal moment. The photographs we took for the 2015 YES Calendar focus on one, most important moment. When we took photographs for the calendar we were inspired by nature. Its mystical character and spirituality were an impulse to create something amazing," the photographers explained their vision. More information about the idea behind the 2015 YES Calendar, about the artists, the models and the collections, can be found on the Kalendarz.YES website, which has been created especially for this occasion.

YES is known for its long-lasting cooperation with artists. Magda Wunsche and Agnieszka Samsel have joined a large group of people who create the YES Calendar: Zuza Krajewska and Bartek Wieczorek, Mateusz Stankiewicz, Aldona Kaczmarczyk, Magdalena Łuniewska and Marcin Kempski. Every edition of the calendar is accompanied by a premiere of new collections. This year it was True Romance, Zodiac and Candy by YES Designers: Magda Dąbrowska and Kasia Bukowska.

As every year, the premiere * many YES Friends, renowned artists, journalists and other guests. In 2015 they included journalists Agnieszka Szulim, Ania Wendzikowska and Dorota Williams, a stylist Joanna Horodyńska, a fashion designer Joanna Klimas, models Natalia Siwiec, Paulina Krupińska and Marcelina Zawadzka as well as many other representatives from the world of culture, fashion and art. The special guest was The Dumplings – a phenomenal electropop duo, hailed as the biggest revelation on the Polish music market in 2015.

In the picture: Maja Salamon, Sława Madelska, Maria Loks, Mateusz Madelski, Agnieszka Samsel, Monika Klejewska, Magda Wunsche.

In the picture: Tadeusz Rolke, Joanna Madelska, Adam Mazur, Krzysztof Madelski.

In the picture: Maja Salamon.

In the picture: Joanna Klimas, Joanna Horodyńska.

In the picture: Agnieszka Szulim.

In the picture: Mikołaj Komar i Natalia Siwiec.

In the picture: Mateusz Madelski i Dorota Williams.

In the picture: Tomasz Jacyków i Joanna Horodyńska.

In the picture: The Dumplings.

In the picture: Piotr Stokłosa.

In the picture: Marcelina Zawadzka i Paulina Krupińska.

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