YES Calendar 2012

The third edition of the YES Calendar is not only fascinating gemstones but also unique collections by young Polish designers. The beauty of jewellery as inspiration for the most interesting talents from the Polish world of fashion – this was the idea behind the 2012 YES Calendar. As the starting point for their artistic search, young designers received just two elements: a YES gemstone and the information that it will be presented with their design on the Valentine’s Day page of the calendar, for example. Krzystof Stróżyna, Blessus, Bizuu, Mariusz Przybylski, Zuo Corp, Łukasz Jemioł – these are the best Polish designers whose talent and imagination have created unique and intriguing collections for the 2012 YES Calendar.








Have a look at the backstage of the 2012 YES Calendar – the hard work and talent can be seen in the final result on the calendar’s pages.

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It was an event! Not only in the world of jewelry, but also fashion. YES Calendar 2012 is a fascinating jewels and unique creations of Polish designers.

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  • Fotographer: Aldona Karczmarczyk
  • Model: Ewa Witkowska
  • Creation & Stylization: Karolina Kuklińska
  • Make-up: Wilson
  • Hair: Piotr Wasiński
  • Project Managers: Monika Klejewska
    i Mateusz Madelski